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In Loving Memory

Carol Irene Seligman
December 27, 1955 - May 25, 2008  

      Carol and I met when I worked for an area kennel that sent me to walk her dog, Lucky, for her.  We quickly became very dear friends.  It was with Carol's nudging and support that I started 4 feet on the Go.  She often looked at the bond I formed with Lucky and referred to me as his "surrogate mom".  Though Carol is gone, she continues to be a part of my life and my work every day.  I was honored to bring Lucky into my home and into my family after she passed away.  He stayed with us for 9 months before moving on to his new home.  Lucky literally found Carol and followed her home shortly after her dog Patches passed away.  After trying to find Lucky's owner with no success, she took him in.  He brought to her life many reasons to laugh and a surplus of happiness.  He was her closest companion and true best friend.  He was her family.  Again, Lucky has made his way into someone's life, mine, when I lost my dear friend.  There is something special about Lucky that will forever link Carol and I and 4 feet on the Go.  Every day I think about Carol.  It is because of Carol and Lucky that I know the work I do is full of purpose. 
     Thank you, Carol, for all your support, your friendship, and your unconditional love.  Lucky and I miss you every day.  You will forever be in our hearts and in our thoughts--we love you.


Maximus  (Max)